The New Gold Rush In Sacramento

The New Gold Rush In Sacramento

by Mike Jacobsen



Almost 2 years ago to the day I said goodbye to the Bay Area and made my way down south to San Diego. Now the time has come to return home, well sort of. Our needs have changed as my mother is retiring from her amazing career to reside in the foothills of Placerville. Coincidentally my girlfriend’s mother lives in Placerville as well, so the signs were pointing that way and the quality of life in nearby Folsom/El Dorado Hills is top notch. San Diego has been great for experiencing new friends, tacos galore and the most beautiful beaches in the country but the mountains are calling. I am literally looking forward to wearing a jacket which I haven’t touched in 2 years.


So what will change for me? As some of you know I have been running a software company catering to Airbnb hosts renting bonus amenities to their guests and I pay the bills selling Real Estate here in San Diego. While the Real Estate business is flourishing, the impending ban on Airbnb in San Diego was impacting both of my businesses and the writing was on the wall.


I have kept my Real Estate license with the Berkshire Hathaway brand at Intero of El Dorado Hills. For those of you that already know about Folsom/EDH, you know the draw. For those that don’t know about it, Folsom is ranked the #1 place in California to raise a family by WalletHub and EDH #4! This was out of 254 California cities!


Both Folsom and EDH have brand new homes, shopping areas and amenities that are beautiful. All this while being 90 minutes to South Lake Tahoe and right next to rivers and Folsom Lake. If you live in the Bay Area currently paying $4000 plus in rent or mortgage for a condo, picture yourself in this home for the same payment.



What about inventory? Folsom alone has a development with 15,000 homes going in! Customize the home of your dreams and move in a year when it’s done.


Now I know what you’re thinking,…what about jobs in Sacramento? Anchor companies like Intel, Apple and HP have setup in the Sacramento Area. This will cascade down as startups from the Bay Area see the value and talent emerging in an affordable market within driving distance of San Francisco. Sacramento Startup advocates are already embedding themselves on Sand Hill road to inspire VC’s to send companies under their advisory to a more reasonable location.


My view on this,..Ping Pong tables and Kombucha on-tap are great perks but how about having an office in a place where the smell and homeless infestation is not impacting your day? Another great perk of Sacramento is not having to share a 1 bedroom apartment with four other people that all make $150k per year!


In closing so I can get back to planning my garage sale. If you are considering a visit or move to Sacramento, get in touch with me so we can tour the area and grab some beers.


Mike Jacobsen


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