Optimize your Airbnb

If you host Airbnb, read this book review.

Optimize Your Airbnb

by Daniel  V. Rusteen


I don’t normally review books but this is a real standout that deserves “5 Boomerangs”, it answered many questions that have been on my mind regarding my Airbnb listing. I will start with this, I pounded through this book in 2 days, it’s very easy to read and engaging the whole whole way through.


Danny’s book kicks off with a forward from the popular Symon He of LearnAirbnb. Danny and Symon became friends while discussing Airbnb insights and tactics. The knowledge shared between these too is epic. If you don’t follow LearnAirbnb you should.


There are many cool features in this book from estimated reading times per chapter to discounts for services. Some of the things Danny writes about might already be in your list of tricks but I guarantee you will find some jewels.


The rental space has become pretty competitive and Danny has outlined the best way to write your profile, pics to include and most importantly, what to exclude from your listing. The theme is to stay concise on your listing.


Don’t bother with professional photos? That’s right, there is a chapter dedicated to taking photos with your smartphone. I am by no means a photographer and I got lots of tidbits from this section.


The Airbnb “pricing hack” is addressed along with the best tools to maximize bookings throughout the year. I had no idea how it all worked and what was being left on the table.


With Danny’s less is more theme, there is a big emphasis on the “Guide Book”. My first thought was that Airbnb already supplies a “House Manual”, why do I need a Guide Book? Short answer, get the Guide Book. Hostfully is the recommended tool and it’s worth it’s weight in gold just for the time savings alone. With an optimized system, your guests are well educated and can find answers in the Guide Book. This means they aren’t messaging you to ask where the wine opener is.


Speaking of messaging, there are some awesome platforms out there like Smartbnb which will automate the process after a little setup. Time your messages and include the right content to generate happy guests and 5 star reviews.


The book wraps up with additional revenue streams and a Q&A section. I talk to lots of hosts and the additional revenue streams are probably the most overlooked. Hosts will stress over losing $5 a night on their booking but won’t offer any extras? How about selling some souvenirs, rent your car through Turo or rent upgraded amenities like bikes, cribs and beach gear through the It’s Borrowed app?


The BOTTOM LINE, there’s lots of extra money to be made by optimizing your Airbnb listing or providing extras. I have left out a few really hot chapters that you will need to read for yourself. Go get a copy of Optimize Your Airbnb and check into Danny’s full service Optimization to maximize your profit.




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